MartCoin ICO Review – Lending Platform

Today I’ll be going over MartCoin, which is a new and slowly growing lending platform that is trying to establish itself in the space. We have seen many of these lending platforms such as Bitconnect, Ethconnect and then tons of copycats that have come in trying to get their share of the market. We’ve seen that these platforms can grow exponentially in very quick time periods.

When it comes to developing these platforms, we find that developers are often amateurs and not too experienced when it comes to lending. Other than Bitconnect and maybe Davor we can’t find any other services that are developed by professionals and people with experience.

MartCoin brings some new features such as a gambling aspect that is used for the lending interest rates. To find out which interest rate you’ll get you have to make sure that you spin a wheel and try out your luck. We found that nearly 70% of the time you will get the lowest rate of 1% per day. This is still an amazing interest rate and will benefit you 30% per month, which is huge. If by chance you are lucky enough to land a diamond reward then you will get 67% per day with a maximum of 2000% per month. You will get a 20x return in just 30 days, which is unheard of and insane.

We are so excited that Mart Coin have developed some new and exciting features like that, and shows that being a copycat is not what makes you win in this lending world and instead developing unique and new ideas gives you an advantage over other competitors.

Other than the lending, they will be holding an ICO which we call the MartCoin ICO. This initial coin offering will allow people to invest early and by putting trust into the Mart team you’ll be getting the coin at a cheaper price than everyone else. Assuming this goes to market you could make 10, 20, 50x returns over the quick space of a few weeks. We’ve seen it with other platforms and we think MartCoin will go further.

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